Artist Statement

BALANCE (n): the state of being in equilibrium. A harmonious arrangement of elements.

My sculptures are about balance. Balance is a wonder. Having balance in your life brings a certain serenity. Ask any couple in relationship. Like most things in life, when something is out of balance things just don’t seem right. Balance is an integral part of life.

From the moment we take our first steps we are aware of balance. Learning to ride a bicycle is another lesson. We learn to balance our highs and lows, relationships, leisure and work time and our diets. There is hardly a facet of life that doesn’t involve balance.

Each piece of art you see on this site has some aspect of balance in the video clips you will see the sculptures turning, jumping and spinning. The sculptures are meant to be touched and to interact with the elements. Like life they are kinetic and not static, affected by what surrounds them.

As a dancer I have studied movement and balance. My sculptures contain both aspects. I have been told that my sculptures bring a certain sense of calm and tranquility to the viewer, My hope is that these sculptures awaken your sense of balance.